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[GameMode] RolePlay GameMode

Mesaj Scris de SySty!.™ la data de Joi 18 Aug - 14:06

[color:ecae=#FF0000;]� eRolePlay Informations:

[color:ecae=#FF0000;]� The Factions: [color:ecae=#0000FF;]Police Departament ; [color:ecae=#0000FF;]Federal Bureau of Investigation ; National Guard ; [color:ecae=#FF0000;]Paramedics ; [color:ecae=#FFA500;]LaCosaNostra ; [color:ecae=#008000;]Yakuza ; Mayor ; Hitman ; [color:ecae=#800080;]News Reporter ; [color:ecae=#FFFF00;]TaxiCab. ; School Instructor ; Bloodz ; Cripz ; Nortenos ; Surenos.

All factions have an HQ.
Mafia and Gangs all have Safe Deposit System, they can deposit money, withdraw money, deposit materials, withdraw materials.

[color:ecae=#FF0000;]� Houses: There are all 33 houses of The GodFather [ Fear's GameMode ].
[color:ecae=#FF0000;]� Bussines: There are all 17 bussines of The GodFather [ Fear's GameMode ].
[color:ecae=#FF0000;]� Vehicles: All vehicles have registration plate in format City-Number-3Letters [ Ex: LS-01-GUV ]
[color:ecae=#FF0000;]� Anti-Cheat System: The server is protected by the JunkBuster Anticheat.
[color:ecae=#FF0000;]� FastEvent: This is a miny event , when an admin start an reaction, the first player who type what wrote admin, he win the fast event. [ I'm Romanian and i don't know how to explain, see in game ]
[color:ecae=#FF0000;]� Lines: The script have 36176 lines.
[color:ecae=#FF0000;]� Cracks & Drugs: The server have an cracks & drugs system [ Secundary Job ].

There are more to see, you see when you download the script.




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